21 + 3 Side Bet

21 + 3 Side Bet: How Does it Work?

Blackjack is a casino classic, adore for its blend of strategy and chance. But for those seeking an extra layer of excitement, the 21+3 side bet beckons. This optional wager adds a poker twist to your blackjack game, offering the potential for bigger wins alongside the standard blackjack action.

So, how does this side bet work?

Imagine you’re dealt your initial two cards in blackjack. The dealer flips their up card. Now, picture those three cards forming a three-card poker hand. That’s the essence of the 21+3 side bet! You’re essentially placing a separate bet on whether these three cards will land you a winning poker combination.

Here’s what you need to know

Winning Hands: The goal is to score a straight flush, three of a kind, straight, or flush with the three cards. Each hand has its own payout ratio, with straight flushes offering the biggest potential windfall.

Placing the Bet: This is usually a separate wager from your main blackjack bet. You’ll find a designated area on the table to place your 21+3 chips.

Independent Outcome: Regardless of how your main blackjack hand fares, the 21+3 side bet is settled based solely on the three-card poker hand. You can win the side bet even if you lose the blackjack hand, and vice versa.

21 + 3 Side Bet

How to Play: A Step-by-Step Guide

Place your bets: Before passing around the cards, decide if you want to join the 21 + 3 fun. Place your main blackjack bet and a separate chip for the side bet (usually smaller than your main bet).

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Cards on the table: Receive your two cards as usual. The dealer peeks at theirs, showing only one card (the “up card”).

Three-card magic: Now, the magic happens! Your two cards and the dealer’s up card create your three-card poker hand. Do they form a winning combo?

Payouts and blackjack continues: Check the payout table for your winning hand (more on that later!). Remember, the side bet is independent – your blackjack hand plays out as usual.

Intrigued? Let’s add some spice to your blackjack experience with these pro tips:

Understand the Payouts: Different casinos offer varying payout structures for the 21+3 side bet. Always check the specific payout table before placing your wager.

Manage Your Bankroll: The 21+3 bet is a side bet, meaning it’s meant to add entertainment, not replace your core blackjack strategy. Allocate a smaller portion of your bankroll for this side bet and stick to your blackjack betting limits.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Still Applies: Remember, the 21+3 side bet doesn’t affect your main blackjack hand. Focus on making optimal decisions based on your blackjack cards, independent of the side bet.

Beyond the Blackjack Basics

While the blackjack table already offers a potent mix of strategy and chance, the 21+3 side bet injects a fresh dose of excitement. Imagine your regular blackjack game morphing into a three-card poker showdown with just one simple side wager. Here’s how it elevates your blackjack experience:

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The Intrigue of Three Cards

Forget about hitting 21 for a moment. Focus on your first two cards and the dealer’s up card. These three unsuspecting heroes hold the key to unlocking the 21+3 secret. If they magically align into a winning poker hand, get ready to celebrate!

Poker Hand Hierarchy

Not all winning hands are created equal. Here’s the pecking order, with payouts increasing along the way:

Straight Flush: The king of the hill, a straight flush (think consecutive cards of the same suit) showers you with the biggest rewards.

Three of a Kind: Three identical cards, regardless of suit, earn you a hefty payout.

Straight: Consecutive cards of any suit bring a smile to your face (and your wallet).

Flush: Cards of the same suit, not necessarily consecutive, land you a decent win.

Placing Your Bets

Unlike your main blackjack bet, the 21+3 is an optional adventure. Look for the designated area on the table, usually a separate chip spot marked “21+3.” Place your chips there, separate from your blackjack wager. Remember, this bet rests solely on the three-card poker hand, independent of your blackjack outcome.

The Beauty of Independence

Imagine losing your blackjack hand but winning the 21+3 side bet – that’s the magic of this wager. Even if your blackjack journey takes a turn, the three-card hand can still deliver a sweet victory. Conversely, a winning blackjack hand doesn’t guarantee a winning side bet. Each has its own destiny!

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The 21+3 side bet is more than just an additional wager; it’s a doorway to a thrilling new dimension within your blackjack experience. It seamlessly blends the familiar blackjack elements with the excitement of three-card poker, offering a chance to amplify your wins and inject a dose of fresh energy into your gameplay.


Can I play the 21+3 side bet with any number of players at the table?

Yes, the 21+3 side bet is independent of the number of players at the table. It’s all about your two cards and the dealer’s up card.

What if I hit blackjack with my main hand? Does it affect the 21+3?

Nope! The 21+3 side bet is judged solely on the three-card poker hand. You can win both, lose both, or win one and lose the other.

Are there any variations of the 21+3 side bet?

Some casinos offer slight variations, like “21+3 Suited” where the flush needs to be the same suit. Always check the specific rules before playing.

Does basic blackjack strategy apply to the 21+3 bet?

Not directly. Focus on making optimal decisions based on your main blackjack hand, independent of the three-card hand.

Where can I learn more about the 21+3 side bet?

Check with the casino you’re playing at for their specific rules and payouts. Online resources and strategy guides can also offer insights.