QQDEWA Casino Review 2024

QQDEWA is an online casino based in Indonesia. The online casino is an online gaming platform combining a risk-free environment, a vast selection of games, and unparalleled customer service. As of late, the site is mainly used by Indonesian players.

Although online casinos are illegal in Indonesia, many Indonesian players enjoy online gaming and seek sites that accept Indonesian players and currency.

The online casino provides a wide variety of online gaming options, ranging from classic traditional casino games to the most up-to-date online casino games. Although, QQDEWA is mainly known to provide high RTP slot machine games for Indonesian players.


The website is exceptionally well-designed, featuring intuitive menus and a categorization of games that is crystal obvious, which makes it very easy to navigate. In addition, regardless of the operating system you’re using, you’ll have no trouble playing thanks to its adaptable and responsive design.

QQDEWA Online Casino Games

Whether you are interested in betting on sports, playing table games, or maybe all of the online casino games available, QQDEWA provides everything you could want. 

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Collaborations with well-known game developers have created its extensive library of games, which features various exceptional gaming titles. Each offers an exciting experience with its fun graphics and soundtracks.

If you love online slots, you may enjoy this online casino! QQDEWA is known for their extensive online slot collection with high RTP from top developers like Pragmatic Play.


QQDEWA Bonuses and Promotions

Players at QQDEWA have access to a wide variety of incentives and bonuses in addition to the extensive game library that the site provides. The website routinely gives welcome bonuses to new users while also providing regular customers with opportunities to participate in various incentive programs and other types of promotions

These campaigns encourage players to return to the website for more games and explore the extensive library of games available there.

QQDEWA Privacy and Safety

Protecting users’ data is one of the highest objectives for QQDEWA, and we do so using the most cutting-edge encoding technology available. In addition, we have a knowledgeable team of customer support representatives standing by to assist you with any problems that may crop up at any time. 

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Therefore, you may have peace of mind knowing that QQDEWA will handle your personal information with the utmost care.

The Online Gambling Industry in Indonesia

Quoting an article written in Medium, since November 6, 1974, when law UU No.7 Year 1974 about gambling was signed into law, Indonesians are not allowed to do anything related to gambling. 

As mentioned before, although the government passed the bill, the gambling business is still going strong.

Information from PPATK shows that the gaming industry will bring in 200 Trillion Rupiah by 2024. It’s almost 2.5% of the national money movement if you use money from 2022. 

The gambling business has surprisingly become one of the most significant contributors and drivers of Indonesia’s economy money flow as many Indonesians gamble online. This is a problem for the Indonesian government as online gambling is against their conservative and religious beliefs.

The rules for online gambling in Indonesia are getting stricter every day. The amount of money moving through Indonesia’s gambling business keeps going up every year. This worries the government even more about keeping the law against gambling in place.

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Seeing the contribution of online gambling to Indonesia’s money flow? Will the government soon aim to legalize online gambling?


QQDEWA is an online casino that offers various online casino games for Indonesian players. Despite offering plenty of games, the site mainly focuses on high RTP online slots. Many Indonesians enjoy playing online slot machines. 

There isn’t much Information about the site and the owners, as the gambling industry in Indonesia is hush-hush. Although every form of gambling is illegal in Indonesia, many Indonesians seek online casinos that accept Indonesian players. So, we don’t recommend players outside Indonesia to play on QQDEWA. 

If you want more site transparency, QQDEWA may not be the site for you. As always, remember to research and consider the pros and cons before depositing and playing in any online casinos.

Gamble responsibly and have fun!