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History of Microgaming Slot

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest online casinos and slot game producers in the world is Microgaming Slot. The business is considered as the inventor of online gambling, and for good reason. An entrepreneur from Durban named Martin Moshal created it in 1994. He brought in a new era of online gambling, which has been expanding every year since it began. In just a few short years, it expanded to include more than a thousand online casinos, and many more are continually being created. It is now a multibillion dollar industry. It is true that reputable online platforms like wouldn't be in the business of catering to the gambling community without the innovation produced by Microgaming Slot.

Microgaming Security Licenses

Microgaming, which has worked with and supplied casino operators worldwide for more than 20 years, is, of course, licensed. This company even has dual licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. By looking at this popular iGaming authority license, we can assure ourselves how safe Microgaming is. Further, not only for safety, this company also passes a regular test from eCOGRA, an independent auditor, to make sure that the games are always fair.

Early Year of Microgaming Slot

In 1994, when relatively few individuals had home internet connection, Microgaming Slot released its first game. However, the business had a distinct vision for the future, and because of their tenacity, we are now able to experience a brand-new world of online gaming. After Microgaming Slot first appeared, other businesses quickly followed after, resulting in a crowded and cutthroat market. But in the crowded field of virtual gambling, Microgaming Slot was the pioneer in practically everything. A progressive jackpot slot game called Cash Splash, released by Microgaming Slot in 1998, served as a model for subsequent initiatives that followed.

Microgaming Slot Development

Due to the introduction of branded slot games, progressive slot games, and multiplayer slot games, the company can boast of being the pioneer in online slot games since virtual gaming rose to prominence. A multiplayer slot machine game has features that enable player interaction while playing and let users customize their gaming profiles. This is an example of the creative company's next-level dedication to client happiness. Before ten years had passed since the company's founding, it had amassed more than 800 casino games and more than a thousand varieties. The company's executives then stepped up their aspirations by releasing gaming software. The project gave birth to the massive bingo software and the Microgaming Slot Poker Network. Casino games for gamblers now feature a variety of cinematic characters, including Lara Croft, the Terminator, and themes from films like Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones.

When the US government passed new gambling laws and restrictions, forcing them out of the US market and costing them most of their main partners, the company's growth froze for a spell. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise because nations all over the world like gambling and gaining money from it. Soon enough, Microgaming Slot attracted more powerful players to the game, leading to an increase in licenses and corporate exposure. Milestones in invention and earnings kept coming after that.

Why You Should Play Microgaming Slot Games

Every slot game provider, including Microgaming, is unique in its own way. Some of the uniqueness can be found in their portfolio of online slot games, and that uniqueness is one reason why you should try playing Microgaming slots at X33. It's because combining the uniqueness of Microgaming with the X33 offering will give you significantly more money. So here are some reasons why you need to play Microgaming slots.

Huge portfolio with different themes

Everyone loves having many options to choose from, just like in a Microgaming online slot machine. On average, since this company was born, it has developed around 600 slot game titles, and there is one new release every month. Playing online slots from Microgaming will provide you with as many options as possible. Furthermore, the themes used are not monotonous. You can get so many innovative themes; start from popular Asian-based themes, ancient Egypt, mythology, or even a number of TV series and films that inspired them, such as Terminator and Jurassic Park. You can also select a type, ranging from fruit machines to video slots.

Innovative Feature

Microgaming’s slot games are not just about the visuals; they also promote the most innovative features to the player. As recorded, Microgaming became the first developer to produce a slot machine with hundreds of paylines. But moreover, the games also come with a variety of bonuses, including free spins, cascading reels, expanding symbols, picking games, and so on. And the company is still innovating on the games today; you can check the other features when you play the games on X33. Go try it.

The biggest progressive jackpot

Another appealing part of Microgaming's online slot is the availability of the biggest progressive jackpot. So far, the largest jackpot has paid out more than € 1.1 billion. such a fantastic amount of money, right? So some of the Microgaming slots that pay big jackpots are the Mega Moolah series, which have set world records for large payouts. But not just Mega Moolah, other Microgaming progressive jackpot slots offer different sizes, so it will give the player more options. That is why, despite being released many years ago, their slots remain popular. 

Microgaming Slot Right Now

Currently, Microgaming Slot has cemented its position as the innovator of online slots, but its search for innovation never ends. Microgaming Slot is well positioned in the virtual gambling stratosphere with the emergence of slot games for wearable technology and new titles on the renowned Mega Moolah shattering and establishing new records in prizes. Since its debut, Microgaming Slot has transformed gambling forever, made the impossible possible, fed countless casino patrons, and made rich men even richer.

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